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How Pokemon Gold & Silver Were Changed Around The World – Did You Know Gaming? Ft. Dr. Lava

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In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at how Pokemon Gold & Silver were changed around the world. To explore these Pokemon regional differences, we not only looked through the games themselves, but also interviewed the game’s original localizers and translators for exclusive information.

Special thanks to Nob Ogasawara, Hiro Nakamura, Julien Bardakoff, Elena Fogazzaro, and SatoMew.

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Research/Writing by @DrLavaYT
Video Editing by TheCartoonGamer
Thumbnail art by @JetpackBraggin

Also thanks to SnorlaxMonster, Darkshade, Háčky, and @DeucalionBlaze , @Gnarfledarf , @FerrolanMaikel , @_IFeI__ , @Bisafans and @TehVilly on Twitter.

Sources/Further Reading:

A Look Back at Mobile System GB, Pokémon Crystal’s Online Service

Translation: How Game Freak Creates Pokemon



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