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1 Hour of Region Locked Games – Region Locked Light The Complete Series

This video is a compilation of DYKG 2’s Region Locked Light series. As many viewers didn’t see these videos, we’ve compiled them into a single video on Did You Know Gaming.

The Firemen: 1:51
Super Galdelic Hour: 6:45
Mickey no Tokyo Disneyland: 11:54
Twin Caliber: 15:55
Bomberman Hardball: 20:22
Rapid Reload: 24:37
E.X. Troopers: 28:36
Blast Entertainment Games: 33:32
Crime Crackers: 42:21
Kira Kira + 8 Bit Music Power: 47:20
Evil Twin: 51:13
Vib-Ripple: 57:04
Bloopers: 1:00:14

Music from BluntOne & MUJO情

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