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Musynx Adds 11 New Songs and New Jump Feature in 1.1.1 Content Update

Pm Studios has declared Musynx‘s original content update. The first part of this upgrade adds 11 new tracks to the game with new songs from other composers around the world. There is also a collaboration with Neko Works at which the opening song “Taiyou Paradaisu” out of Nekopara will be playable.

The track record with each difficulty are located below.

  • Cancan-Orpheus at the Underworld – Jacques Offenbach
    EZ: 4K Lv.4 6k Lv.4
    HD: 4K Lv.7 6k Lv.7
  • Time-Leap at Saturday 10:00 PM – litmusLv
    EZ: 4K Lv.4 6k Lv.5
    HD: 4K Lv.7 6k Lv.8
  • Future Dive – Lunatic Seems
    EZ: 4K Lv.4 6k Lv.4
    HD: 4K Lv.8 6k Lv.8
  • Auburn Halo – Arctures
    EZ: 4K Lv.3 6k Lv.3
    HD: 4K Lv.8 6k Lv.8
  • Lilith ambivalence lovers – ikaruga_nex
    EZ: 4K Lv.5 6k Lv.5
    HD: 4K Lv.9 6k Lv.9
  • NEKOPARA [Taiyou Paradaisu] – MIZUKI ARATO
    EZ: 4K Lv.3 6k Lv.3
    HD: 4K Lv.6 6k Lv.7
  • Love Infection – Pointless
    EZ: 4K Lv.5 6k Lv.6
    HD: 4K Lv.9 6k Lv.10
  • BlitzKreig – Lunatic Seems
    EZ: 4K Lv.4 6k Lv.4
    HD: 4K Lv.9 6k Lv.10
  • Implexrough – Silentroomxmommy
    EZ: 4K Lv.6 6k Lv.6
    HD: 4K Lv.9 6k Lv.10
  • Gavotte in D – François Joseph Gossec
    EZ: 4K Lv.3 6k Lv.3
    HD: 4K Lv.6 6k Lv.6
  • LA Primavera The Four Seasons – Antonio Vivaldi
    EZ: 4K Lv.3 6k Lv.3
    HD: 4K Lv.6 6k Lv.7

Besides the brand new tracks, there has been a jump feature added in the upgrade. Players are going to have the ability to travel through more than 90 different songs much simpler than before.

On top of that, support for new languages has been added as well: Japanese, Chinese Traditional, and Simplified have all been added into the game.

The upgrade is available now on the Nintendo Switch using a release date coming for its PlayStation Vita and PS4 shortly. You can have a look at the new preview trailer for the 1.1.1 update below. Be certain to check out a few more details on Musynx in addition to some screenshots.

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