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Claws of Furry is the Co-Op Cat Brawler I Need in My Life

The cat’s from the bag; Terahard Studios has announced its feline-centric combined brawler Claws of Furry is going to be released on September 4th.

Should you’ve played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Final Fight and couldn’t help but wish you were commanding a bunch of cats with ninja abilities, Claws of Furry is just about the game for you. Boasting more than fifty different degrees, Claws of Furry combines tried and accurate beat ’em up style gameplay with everybody ’s favorite household pet.

Placing Claws of Furry apart from similar titles are the game’s unlockable costumes. While at first glance that these bracelets may seem like simple cosmetic modifications, every costume effects gameplay otherwise. Considering the combined nature of this game, the possibility of diversifying each player’s abilities and strengths sounds almost too tantalizing to pass up.

Besides including these decorative buffs, Claws of Furry may even launch with a number of distinct games manners. Considering one of these is a rogue-like manner, it’so clear that not every cat in Claws of Furry may have nine lives.

You can have a look at the game’s brand new release date trailer below.

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