Frozen Synapse 2 Finally Gets a Release Window and Launching in August

The steam community can now breathe a sigh of relief at this news, or at least make them assert slightly less concerning it. Frozen Synapse 2 is presently undergoing final bug and balance testing, in addition to the previous beta around for gameplay purposes and Mode 7 Games has said that they will hold it back if there are any important problems but they don’t expect anything right now.

Mode 7 followed the media release with a statement:

Frozen Synapse 2 is the culmination of what we’ve finished because we began Mode 7.  It’s got a proven strategic core with a large, systemic strategic overworld and I hope this gameplay movie presents a genuine, full depiction of the scope that we ’ve managed to achieve.  We’re being quite open about the nature of this game since we genuinely think there’s enough on the market for the content to stand by itself.  If people don’t like this we’re planning to stop and start an alpaca farm rather.

We’re desperate to find anyone who enjoyed the first game to test it out, as well as anybody who is interested in large-scale strategy games – it’s ’s unbelievably hard for almost any indie game to reach an audience nowadays, so wishlisting it onto Steam could earn a large difference to people.  We have huge plans to continue working on the game after launch, so we really hope it increases the traction we will need to do that. ”

In their brand new preview video, you can observe as the programmers lose to a few of their worst components in the game since they forgot it had been carrying a gun, perform a daring raid on an enemy base and then forget to search for cash while they’re casually hand over strong artefacts to militant religious extremists and get them into debt repeatedly!

Check out the brand new movie in query under:

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