Wormhole Wars Has Been Renamed to Splitgate: Arena Warfare Alongside a New Announcement Trailer

Now, programmer 1047 Games has announced that Wormhole Wars is no more and was renamed Splitgate: Arena Warfare.  1047 Games released a brand new trailer to celebrate the renaming statement.

The new video includes about 90 seconds worth of gameplay footage which shows off the way this combo of Portal along with Halo functions. Much like from Portal, you may produce holes on specific objects from the environment to either get around the map more quickly or get the drop on enemies. You may also utilize terminal speed from large drops to rapidly take you from different portals, also. It’s unique kind of play for a multiplayer FPS that I assure you harbor ’t noticed before.

You may have a look at the brand new statement trailer for Splitgate: Arena Warfare in the base of the webpage. If you’d like to get in to the action for yourself, you can go over to the game’s Discord to register to get in the Alpha, which is currently only available on PC.

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