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Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars Review — A Whole New World

Far Cry 5 seemed to be a polarizing game — not concerning the semi-political setting, so long as it stands in reference to this series at large. SureI adored all the changes that shook the series’ formula: a non-reliance on mini-maps, committed companion usage, and also a US-based location. But a lot of gamers were longing for something more iconically Ubisoft, possibly even more Ubisoft Towers (despite the constant complaint ). In steps Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars, the hottest Sci-Fi flavor of this game’s diverse DLC package and one that will surely keep you amused.

Unlike the main, Earth-faring game, Lost on Mars is interstellar. Occurring from the very intro in the Red Planet, players will take on the mantle of Nick Rye — Far Cry 5‘s aviator-clad aviator — as he’s teleported from Hope County. Rather than the overgrown fields of Montana, players are greeted to cold space stations, barren dustbowls, and (arguably) the individual responsible: the series idiot with a heart of gold, Hurk.

The mile-high view of the narrative is that a sentient AI on Mars has abducted both Hurk and (during his suggestion) Nick to attempt to power on the entire AI system. With a potential invasion of Mars-based arachnid critters about to invade the planet, the computer claims that the AI is the only thing able to save humanity. To switch on those computers, Nick and Hurk will track down Arachnid queensand kill them, and use their tools to power nearby channels.

While Hurk has made an appearance in each mainline Far Cry game (not for example Primal) since Far Cry 3, Lost on Mars presents him in a brand new light. Sure, he isn’t dead and is still wise-cracking about collectible “alien jizz” and how he wants to locate his missing pecker, however, Hurk is almost always a constant delight. Specifically, his rant about why he’s so accountable had me in tears. When asked why he believes he is able to be a Godparent to Rye’s kid he belongs on this rant:

Who’s ’s responsible than me? WHO’S more responsible than me? You’ve noticed my calves. They seem like god damn Christmas hams. I am a really strong man, which then makes me really accountable, Nicholas.

Hurk’s redneck idiocy is constantly well-written rather than boring, and he plays off Nick excellently. At no time did I miss my own avatar (not that Ubisoft ever gave us an excuse to). If just the actual story itself was composed as well as the dialog.

That last point is one of the heftier problems I had with Lost on Mars. Sure, I wasn’t expecting a SOMA-quality narrative on the Far Cry 5 DLC incident, however, Ubisoft Shanghai chose a strange middle floor stance that felt uneasy. On the other end, there’s enough story points to keep you progressing throughout the six-hour adventure. On the other hand, they miss the mark onto a tongue-in-cheek “that it ’s so bad it’s great ” storyline. If you go in with a minimal expectation, you won’t be disappointed — even though the more grandiose sense it is apparently setting up.

Outside the story, there are distinct changes (or even reversions) the DLC makes into the Far Cry 5 formula. First and foremost, Ubisoft Towers are back. Whether you’re a fan of the gameplay mechanic or not, the addition of jetpacks assists spice it up, developing a set of platforming puzzles which feel less clunky than that which ’s found in regular Far Cry mechanics.

Beyond towers, you will find a few more new elements that round the “Mars” established experience. Like we mentioned before, jetpacks really are a huge boon to gameplay. Adding both a way to hover above enemies and a tactical exit, I almost wish they discovered a means to make it back to the main game. Meanwhile, your arsenal was completely revamped to add space-themed weapons. Besides everything being , there is not any reloading needed, and there’s a new category of space lasers that quickly turned into a favorite among distinct options.

That’s not going to say that each new design choice in this game is all smart. The companion system seems like a substantial downgrade, with Hurk in robot form — dubbed Brobot — is a less-than-interesting replacement to the nuanced companion method of Far Cry 5. When there are obviously likely to be fewer people in Mars, it would have been cool to have an Arachnid companion or maybe a way to customize Brobot and select their loadout.

Aside from the companion system, there’s a brand new mechanic who stepping on brownish dirt (found all along Mars) will trigger an onslaught of Arachnids. While Ubisoft expected to create the entire world feel platformy, more frequently than not I felt helpless in battle — particularly in areas where I had no other choice than stand straight in brownish dust. There is some intriguing “that the earth is lava” situations this might have put up, however more often than not I was only running away.

Last but not least, there’s a pretty vast gap when it comes to overall quality of assignments. There are a few that are outstanding, possibly offering some of the coolest scenarios from the series overall. More often than not, the game falls into record land with very few matters differentiating one job from another. The game doesn’t outstay its welcome (clocking in about five hours long), but at the end I was just attempting to see the end more than loving my moment.

So a lot of Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars is a unique spin on the Far Cry 5 layout. When it may be a shallow five-hour romp, fans of the original will receive their kicks while turning some aliens into exploding cows. And isn’t all anyone is really asking for?

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