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Final Fortnite Season 5 Teaser Image Says “Worlds Collide” Tomorrow

Epic Games teased its third and final image for Season 5 of Fortnite and it guarantees that worlds will float beginning tomorrow.

The last couple of days have seen a few odd and cryptic images published. The first of those pics kicked off on Monday with a peculiar cat-like looking mask appearing alongside the phrases “Season 5”. Epic followed up on this by releasing another similar image yesterday that instead highlighted an axe.

This “worlds collide” announcement, nevertheless, seems to potentially have something related to all the real-life promotional materials such as Fortnite that some fans have started seeing in the authentic world. Some numerous objects like Loot Llamas have emerged on street corners while others have found that the Durr Burger mascot sitting in the desert. Bearing this in mind, it looks like Season 5 might get something to do with all the Fortnite planet and our planet merging into a single, but that’s only a complete guess on my part.

Whatever this spin is that Epic is placing on Fortnite Season 5, we should now learn about it around exactly the same time on July 12.  Fortnite, in the event you somehow weren’t aware, is available on just about any stage in the world — PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, and also iOS.

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