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Los Angeles Valiant Seal Victory Against NYXL in Overwatch League Stage 4 Finals

After the fourth and last phase of the normal season concluded, both the L.A. based teams, the Gladiators and the Valiant, forced it on the top two areas, both with stage list of 9-1. But, Los Angeles Gladiators map was made up by four, offering them the first seed. The New York Excelsior along with the Dallas Fuel asserting the fourth and third places respectively.

The top 3 teams during Period 4 aren’t strangers into the Finals. The Gladiators and Valiant had made it into the Phase 3 Fragrant while the New York Excelsior have not only been a part of every Stage FInal but have also won the grand prize on 2 events. This is actually the first time the Dallas Fuel’ve clinched; Houston Outlaws and Philadelphia Fusion had the exact same record of 6-4 but were ultimately removed from the running due to map .

Unsurprisingly, the Los Angeles Valiant along with the New York Excelsior made it to the last match of this Stage 4 Finals. Even the Gladiators and the Valiant are fairly satisfied when only considering both team’s records but as soon as the men in green pop off, they are equally as powerful as the top teams in the league. It shows with each team’s map differential which is calculated by means of team’s map reductions in their own map wins. After Stage 4 was completed, the Valiant needed a +36 map differential while the Gladiators had a +24. Essentially, this means that the Valiant has more map wins than their crosstown rivals.

On the flip side, Dallas Fuel was struggling to divide the bottom three areas along with the Shanghai Dragons along with the Florida Mayhem. That battle could be attributed to the player cuts and suspensions that the company has had to create because of a unsportsmanlike behavior.

Since the inaugural season of Overwatch League beganthat the New York Excelsior was dominant. Going into this match, they had been the favorite to win.

Los Angeles Valiant’s outstanding performance through Period 4 moved them up to second place, making them the leader of the Pacific Division giving them a first-round bye. New York Excelsior is still the number one team from the league along with also the Atlantic Division chief, granting them the very exact benefits. Here would be the standings thus far:

  1. New York Excelsior (34 – 6)
  2. Los Angeles Valiant (27 – 13)
  3. Boston Uprising (26 – 14)
  4. Los Angeles Gladiators (25 – 15)
  5. London Spitfire (24 – 16)
  6. Philadelphia Fusion (24 – 16)
  7. Houston Outlaws (22 – 18)
  8. Seoul Dynasty (22 – 18)
  9. San Francisco Shock (17 – 23)
  10. Dallas Gas (12 – 28)
  11. Florida Mayhem (7 – 33)
  12. Shanghai Dragons (0 – 40)

Now that Phase 4 of this Overwatch League is behind us, now we could look forward to Playoffs. The Quarterfinals will probably find out that the Boston Uprising go contrary to the Philadelphia Fusion, together with the Los Angeles Gladiators moving up from the London Spitfire. Both matches are going to be a best-of-three series together with the winners going up to this semi-finals; these games will commence on July 11 and will last on July 13 and 14.

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