Watch Nintendo’s E3 2018 Direct Here for Super Smash Bros and the Rest of What Nintendo Has to Offer

Coming off a banner with all an Nintendo Switch’s enormous launching triumph, fans across the world will be eagerly looking forward to seeing what the company has to offer during the events of E3 2018, along its impending E3 2018 guide on the horizon, we all ’ll have a taste of just that.

We know for sure that the firm will be providing a big premiere for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch, and finally, if all goes according to plan, then we’ll get closer looks at other expected games going to the machine such as Metroid Prime 4Bayonetta 3, and much more…maybe, just perhaps that extended hoped-for Mother 3 statement, even.

I’m certain we’ll see some anticipated statements from Nintendo’s center franchises, but hopefully we’ll also get to see a few unexpected surprises come in the company as well through the Direct.

Nintendo will probably be airing its E3 2018 Direct starting at 9am PT/12pm ET, and you may watch all the statements and news as it unfolds below. Needless to say, if you overlook this livestream, you will still be able to enjoy the display on-demand, since we’ll replace the video with this when Sony makes it available after the series.

You’ll also be able to browse all of the news individually right here on DualShockers as it grows, so stay tuned.

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