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Fortnite on Nintendo Switch is Unable to Let Players Log In That Played on PS4

Fortnite has mastered numerous platforms since launch its own Battle Royale mode past fall, and while Nintendo dropped the official announcement that the game is now available for its Switch, players are already running right into a massive problem if they played on another platform, especially with PS4.

Many users on Twitter, including Kinda Funny‘s Greg Miller, have posted and shared an issue that seems to be affecting the newly-released Switch variant of the game, in that when you have an Epic Games account that previously was connected on PS4, then you’ll be not able to log into and play on Nintendo Switch and need to make a new account to play.

The message regarding the issue from Epic in-game can be found below:

“This Fortnite account is associated with a platform which does not let it function on Switch. Neither the Fortnite site nor Epic Client Service are able to change this. ”

While it’s easy enough to make a new account for your game, the actual downside will come down to the players who have already spent a significant amount of time to the game which are attempting to come over from PS4, where it could theoretically have a pretty sizable audience. Crossplay between Switch and PS4 owners will not be in place, as confirmed by Epic Games’ PR Manager, though it’s worth a valuable PSA in case you played before on PS4 you will have to produce a fresh account for the Switch version.

Fortnite is available today on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, iOS, and also will probably be coming to Android this summer.

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