Inti Creates Interview – President Talks Dragon: Marked for Death, Gal*Gun 2, and Fanservice

The developer can also be supporting Nintendo’s brand new hardware using their forthcoming game, Dragon: Marked for Death. A multiplayer side-scrolling action game that obtained a delay maybe not too long ago.

We recently sat down with Inti Creates President and CEO Takuya Aizu and Associate Producer and International Affairs Coordinator Matt Papa to supply information on not only Dragon: Marked for Death, but also what it’s like to focus on a game such as Gal*Gun 2.

Inti Creates Interview - President Talks Dragon: Marked for Death, Gal*Gun 2, and Fanservice

Azario: Considering Dragon: Marked for Death was declared, there have been few new information about this game, would you tell us more?

Takuya Aizu: Among the biggest things you wouldn’t understand precisely from the first trailer is there’s a main story for the game. Additionally, each of the four characters, Empress, Warrior, Shinobi, and the Witch, possess their own personal stories. When playing online, players will have the ability to advance their respective character’s story by playing the same map and progress which character’s story in the player’s pace. There is a stage in the narrative at which the tales intertwine and you also locate a frequent enemy to fight later on in the game.

TA: This all began when Yoshifumi Hashimoto of Rune Factory popularity came to us and explained he wanted to use the developers of Mega Man Zero. In his request, we had the ability to pull that team together.

I truly enjoy this project, but since the manufacturer, it gives me a huge headache. Mostly because the staff is having a whole great deal of fun working on this project to this point at which regardless of how much they work on it they want to keep doing more. This means the schedule has to be changed and development time longer.

Gal*Gun 2

TA: From the Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Japan, we didn’t fulfill any resistance whatsoever during growth, which has been a bit surprising. So we were prepared for that when revealing the game, but they responded with, “That’s fine”. I believe one is they don’t see this as a sexual game. They consider this like a shooting game that happens to get cute girls in it and that diversity is nice to have on the new hardware.

We feel that one thing Nintendo is set out to perform with all the Switch to get different kinds of games. This way you are able to bring in a whole group of consumers and fans, to create a broader scope for the hardware.

Inti Creates Interview - President Talks Dragon: Marked for Death, Gal*Gun 2, and Fanservice

A: As a developer is it hard to make a game with hot content and then try to market it?

TA: once it regards Gal*Gunwe all do our own advertising for that at Japan and PQube handles the western advertising. So speaking specifically about the Japanese marketing, we concentrate on how we’ve got these crazy situations and absurd scenarios. That’s the overlining purpose, but this remains fairly tough. So while the sexy parts may grab your attention and click in an guide, we hope that the gameplay and mechanics make the player want to really play and find that this isn’t a hentai game. We love the zaniness of game also ’s what we all need players to have fun with.

We have seen gamers typically undergo three phases when first seeing Gal*Gun. First, they see it as just some ecchi game, then they seem to understand that there is some craziness to the game, but they then get into the game and figure find the mechanics and gameplay are addicting and go perfectly with all the craziness of this game.

Matt Papa: Some people today don’t get beyond that first step, but there isn’t we could do about that. I believe it’s a little unfortunate when people are able to ’t see it for more than only an ecchi game.

Inti Creates Interview - President Talks Dragon: Marked for Death, Gal*Gun 2, and Fanservice

A: Gal*Gun 2 has several fairly wild conditions that exist throughout the game, is it presumed that this has something to say regarding the programmers of the game’s fantasies?

TA: All of the personalities in Gal*Gun 2, in the main characters to the side characters are created by the game’s director Masanori Ito. Thus, I can’t actually say what any of his fetishes are, nevertheless, these are all personalities that he’s thought would be quite enjoyable to have in this game. I’d love to add he’s the principal illustrator.

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