Heroes of the Storm’s Latest Patch Brings On Nexomania

The most recent patch for Heroes of the Storm brings plenty of new features including the professional wrestling-inspired event, Nexomania.

Besides new skins, mounts, portraits, and sprays, two brand new pursuit chains pertaining to personalities La Parca Lunara and La Pantera Sonya is going to be available for players to pick. The benefits you’ll profit when completing the required challenges will depend upon who you opt to select but are very similar to a another. Here are the two quest chains, in Addition to its benefits:

La Parca Lunara Quest Chain and Rewards
  • Train Up, La Parca Style: Perform 3 Games.
    • Bonus: Máscara de la Parca Portrait.
  • Show Match, La Parca Style: Achieve 70 Takedowns in winning games.
    • Bonus: The Underworld Grip Spray.
  • Climb the Ladder, La Parca Style: Acquire 6 games.
    • Bonus: Ojos de la Parca Animated Spray.
      • Benefits: El Guapo Announcer and La Parca Lunara Portrait.
    La Pantera Sonya Quest Chain and Benefits
    • Train Up, La Pantera Style: Match 3 Games.
      • Bonus: Máscara de la Pantera Portrait.
    • Show Match, La Pantera Style: Attain 70 Takedowns in winning games.
      • Reward: The Panther Forearm Spray.
        • Bonus: Furia de la Pantera Animated Spray.
          • Rewards: El Guapo Announcer and La Pantera Sonya Portrait.

            Furthermore, Nexomania loot torso will be achievable through progression, Heroes Brawl, or by using gems to buy them. These chests guarantee you at least one item from the Nexomania or Sun’s Out, Guns Out events. All of this will finish on June 11.

            On a more important note, this patch will even introduce reworks for both Diablo and Lunara. This includes a huge amount of modifications to each enthusiast’s skills and abilities.

            Finally, a load of bug fixes was executed as a way to improve the overall experience. You can take a look at the full patch notes on Blizzard’s website. The movies below will give you some insight on the Nexomania event, in addition to the reworks for both Diablo and Lunara.

            In other Heroes of the Storm-related information, DualShockers interviewed among the season’s Heroes of the Dorm casters Halorin regarding his experience being a caster and his journey about getting one.

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