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Square Enix Files Trademark for the Name “Outriders” in Europe

From the documentation filed on the EUIPO website, we know that Outriders falls beneath Nice Classifications 9 and 41. Wonderful Class 9 basically covers attributes ranging from video games to cellular media and films whereas Nice Class 41 covers amusement services, including video games, internet game solutions, tv, film, and many other entertainment areas. While trademark characters are never sure, this could hint at a brand new video game land in evolution:

Square Enix Files Trademark for the Name

In Addition to that, Another trademark application was registered for Nice Classifications 16, 25, 28: gambling guides, clothing, along with toys/peripherals, respectively:

Square Enix Files Trademark for the Name

We don’t really know anything else about what the title Outrider could finally transform to, but we do understand that Square Enix and People Can Fly declared a venture to develop a AAA shooter name and that Square Enix has promised several blockbuster and moderate games in the near future. Could Outriders be the name of a new game in partnership with People Could Fly, or is it associated with Square Enix’s guarantee to drive new IPs and titles in addition to blockbuster names such as  Kingdom Hearts along with  Final Fantasy? Only time will tell, however, for the time being, we have only speculation about what Outriders could be.

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