Heroes of the Dorm National Championship 2018 Wrap-Up — History Made and Cho’gall Slayed

The 2018 Heroes of the Dorm National Championships have come to a close. The best four teams in the championship — which comprises Université Laval, University of Kentucky, University at Buffalo, and California Polytechnic State University – Pomona — obtained on stage in the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles to perform a few aggressive Heroes of the Storm to turn into this season’s champions for the collegiate eSports tournament and earn enough money to cover the remainder of their tuition.

Each match is a best-of-5 series where the two groups will submit their bans, select their personalities, and try to ruin the Nexus at the opposing group’other hand. The winners in the first two matches then go head-to-head at the Grand Finals at which they’ll be resisted the heroes of this dorm.

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The match-up between the University of Kentucky and also Université Laval would be considered evenly matched — they’re the number 3 and two seed respectively — but looking at the display revealed, you wouldn’wont be in a position to tell due to Laval’s play.

The first match was on Dragon Shire in which the French Canadian team killed it. Though it was a bit scrappy, both Wouka and Earth brought their “A” game racking up kills and helping their staff to find the level advantage. At no point did UK have an opportunity since they neglected to perpetrate during staff fights and could not attain a Dragon Knight.

Heroes of the Dorm

UK started strong garnering the very first Punisher, but that momentum came to a halt when Laval won the group fight and received a Punisher of their very own. From there on, the French Canadian group steamrolled UK with ease and finished the match in only 14 minutes.

Laval continued to show their dominance at the third game procuring the win and a spot in the Grand Finals. Again, UK showed some promise at the Tomb of the Spider Queen in the very beginning of the game but rapidly changed once Laval gained momentum and UK missed way too many opportunities to actually take the game. Too many times did a person on UK property a wonderful ult, however, had nothing whatsoever to follow along with.

Match two: University at Buffalo (ImprobaBull Victory) vs. California Polytechnic State University – Pomona (Pomona Ponies)

University at Buffalo had been the underdog in all of this. They are the 8th seed in the championship and didn’t function as well as the remaining portion of the contest from the tournament.

Opening the match, both teams find themselves at Cursed Hollow. Buffalo starts out strong looking as though they might actually win the first game. But they get cluttered later and Cal Poly takes advantage of their missteps. Pomona’s coordination was on point and managed to pull out the first win.

Heroes of the Dorm

In the second match, set upon Tomb of the Spider Queen, we visit that a surprise selection bringing Heroes of the Storm‘s new character, Deckard Cain, out on the battlefield. Buffalo has the advantage throughout the majority of the game, even after Cal Poly gets initial blood 9 minutes to the game. It appeared like Cal Poly didn’t have the assurance in team fights. Buffalo was able to coordinate their attacks with more finesse resulting in their first triumph in the series.

The next game saw some intriguing choices with Medivh somehow making it through the attacking procedure across the side of Buffalo. The article of Cal Poly’s team — that comprises, Genji, Abathur, Li-Ming, Johanna, along with Blaze — was suspicious however, in some instances, works out for them.

As predicted, Buffalo starts strong with the first kills along with getting the first objective. Cal Poly picks up a momentum once they win a group fight that they probably shouldn’t have won; everyone on the Ponies was amazed but no one on Buffalo followed leading to four kills and also a degree advantage for Cal Poly. The match was tight throughout the entirety of this game and filled with some terrific team fights, with the previous one resulting in Buffalo grabbing the goal and grabbing their next win.

Heroes of the Dorm

The odd picks continue in game 4 using Cho’gall and Alexstraza on Cal Poly and Chen and Anub’arak on Buffalo in Braxis Holdout. Surprisingly, Cal Poly’s comp really works out to them. The Cho’gall has been an incredibly effective choice, destroying virtually everything in its path. The late inclusion of the two-headed monstrosity didn’t allow for Buffalo to create a group composition that can cut Cho’gall down. It was hilarious to view it essentially take the Nexus all with himself. Cal Poly wins it in the most enjoyable game of this tournament.

Although I’m convinced everyone wanted to watch Cho’gall get chosen again and it looked like they were going in that way — that wasn’t the case. Transferring into its fifth and last game, Buffalo had Cal Poly’s amount and managed to pull a win out getting a spot in the Grand Finals.

The last matchup of the night. Université Laval was a dominant force during the tournament, and they’d no intention of slowing down with a shutout in the first game. However, University of Buffalo has earned their spot here at the Grand Finals demonstrating that they were also a power to reckon with.

Plain and simple, Laval are just the top team. Buffalo appeared like they’d be on an even playing field with their functionality but found themselves at a degree drawback in the late game. In both matches, Laval was coordinated in staff fights; when they seemed like they were losing, they would come out with much more expertise with the resistance running away from them.

Heroes of the Dorm

Needless to say, Université Laval has been a powerhouse following being undefeated through the 2018 Heroes of their Dorm National Championships. This doesn’t mean that they didn’t have a hard time with all the series’ underdogs, University at Buffalo.

“Following Kentucky, we were pretty confident because we had been believing this was the big group to conquer,” stated Team Captain Jerome “Earth” Levesque. “When we knew it was Buffalo, we believed it would be easier but the first game was really tough and it kind of amazed us. ”

This marks the first time in Heroes of their Dorm history a Canadian team won the championship.

“Although we may not try so, it had been an extraordinary experience to be present, represent Canada, and to have all these people cheering to us, ”” said Daniel ‘HairyBlob’ Gourdeau. “I believe we made them proud. ”

For winning Heroes of the Dorm, they won enough money to repay the rest of their tuition, that anybody may understand is a massive weight lifted from every one of the player’s knee.

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