Hunt: Showdown Receives Simplified Chinese and Russian Localization; More Languages Incoming

Crytek’s new multiplayer FPS Hunt: Showdown Was in Ancient Access on PC since February , but until Today, was only Working in English. That changed today, however, since the developers announced both Simplified Chinese and Russian localizations have been inserted through now’s upgrade.

In order to alter which language you need to play with, you’ll need to go in the game’s attributes in your Steam library and then pick it there. Unfortunately, you cannot alter it in-game, and it currently only impacts different UI and menu elements in the game. You can check out the full list of patch notes under:

With this patch We’ve additional localization for two languages:

Please bear in mind that the storyline articles for Hunt: Showdown hasn’t been translated. At this time, the above mentioned localizations apply to the UI along with other in-game elements (e.g. menus).

General Updates:

  • Applied a tentative remedy for people not getting rewards after extracting from a round
  • Fixed a number of bugs which would cause the map to display incorrectly in the following instances:
    • Implementing one target mission after completing a 2-Target assignment would get the map to show a very small area set aside for a different target
    • Join one target mission: the map could show a split like that shown for a 2-Target assignments
  • Fixed a bug which would cause second results display at the conclusion of a round stating “No events logged”
  • Fixed a bug which could lead to an incorrect message to show on the summary screen because of a slowdown of communication between the backend and dedicated servers.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the results screen to appear at the same time as getting the 0x3001 error. Now the results screen Is Only Going to appear if the connection has been re-established
  • Fixed a bug that would interfere with the performance of the Electric lamp when one tool slot was empty (instance — forcing the lamp into slot 5 whereas slot 4 is empty: the lamp on/off function could be jumped to slot 4 instead)

Crash fixes

  • Fixed a bug which will cause the game to crash when loading into an match on some occasions
  • Fixed a Possible crash that may be caused by using a magnifying thing, like throwing a lantern

In case you aren’t comfy playing at the three available languages, many more are in the development pipeline in Crtyek. This includes languages  like  French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Polish, and Turkish. So as to reach the widest audience, game’s will need to be localized for a variety of areas, therefore it’s nice to see more localization service is being added to Hunt: Showdown.

Hunt: Showdown is currently available in Historical accessibility on PC.

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