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Monster Hunter World Nintendo Switch Port Would Be “Difficult” According to Capcom’s President

Tsujimoto-san clarifies that the game was designed for home consoles and PC as there are limits to what consoles can display, and also the developers desired to create a game which went straight back with technology, responding to the expectations of gamers.

This enabled developers to showcase a ecology, and its an element that’s been welcomed positively by players.

Asked about the prospect of creating for Nintendo Switch, Tsujimoto-san acknowledged that there’s such a requirement, which explains why the publication already launched Monster Hunter XX on the Switch. But considering “different conditions,” it would be difficult to port   Monster Hunter World into Nintendo Switch. The Switch is different in the other home console equally in attributes and user base.

Each console has its own characteristics, and Tsujimoto-san asserts that Capcom’s developers need to make. How to do adapt Capcom’s projects to the Switch, such as  Monster Hunter, is a matter that will be examined for the future.

Interestingly, Tsujimoto-san was asked regarding the technology and funding gap against major developers. He clarified that Capcom should make an effort to catch up with tech in the future. On the other hand, the most significant variablet the technology itself, but creating games which make the most of it. The intent is to create a planning effort to produce games that aren’t discovered in publishers’ lineups.

Besides that, Capcom plans to use data. In the age in which sales of packaged games in the shops were the attention, method of listening to the users were restricted, but now the web allows to pick up a great deal of info.

If you wish to find out more about the game, then you  may read our overview. Before last week, we learned the game’s prices have currently passed six million worldwide, also we got an updated program for event and challenge quests.

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