Nintendo Says Labo’s Durability Will be Part of the fun

As it was originally unveiled, Nintendo Labo picked up traction since it came out of nowhere and since it seemed like a very “Nintendo” thing to do. It wasn’t, however, before enthusiasts began to question the feasibility of expensive cardboard cutouts. In a recent investor Q&A,  Nintendo Director Shinya Takahashi explained why the group went with cardboard and just how fun this cardboard is going to be.

“When we began using a “robot” prototype inside the Business, we understood the process of attaining a completed product was itself extremely fun

Then he went on to describe what precisely was amusing about it:

“That led our notion for Nintendo Labo to be manufactured as a tool that people could appreciate in all of its facets, not only in playing with the finished product, but also in creating some fixes along the way and after it is full and in understanding the mechanics. ”

The idea for cardboard, based on Takahashi-san, comes in Japanese civilization wherein children are accustomed to enjoying cardboard for crafts.

These price points can now be viewed as something much more comparable to Lego, rather than an easy-to-break AR experience. Though one only needs to measure on a Lego bit wrapped to be assured of the durability, the same has not yet been observed from Nintendo’s upcoming product.

Nintendo has stated that they will be providing replacements for fans who wreck their own cardboard peripherals, it is not clear how costly they will be the second, third, and umpteenth times round.

For more about Labo, take a look at information of the continuing Studio Events here. If you missed the original announcement, you can find out more here.

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