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Friday the 13th: The Game’s New Video Shows Off Murderous Single Player Challenges

When news broke Gun Media was working on a Friday the 13th game, the principal complaint concentrated around the dearth of single-player , offline play for people just seeking to hack-and-slash their way throughout awful teenagers. Following tepid success of this series, Illfonic and Gun Media revealed that single player struggles have been in the game’s DLC roadmap — albeit far further later on. However, in a brand new video shared a few days past, Gun Media’s player challenges for Friday the 13th: The Game look like a promising and murderous treat at no extra cost.

Seen in the footage below, players take the part of Jason in the tutorial because his maniacal mother (or, at least, Jason’s manifestation of her) parrots to his ear that the adolescents with a busted car deserve departure. Following that is a display of the forces and gameplay. The adolescent walks in the woods to take a escape — Jason following having teleportation and a night vision. After he gets the jump on him , Jason lifts him up impaling him on a tree branch that is broken.

Next, his sights are set by Jason on the rest of the teen who’s fixing the car. Waiting until he would be more out-of-sight, Jason tactics the adolescent who’s under the wheel well substituting a bicycle. Efficiently, the jack which makes the adolescent crushs is pulled away by Jason.

What’s best in regards to the movie than the general proof of concept, is the fact that the developers affirm the challenges will offer distinct strategies to solve challenges. So gamers choosing up Friday the 13th: The Game may find completely new ways to kill both teens within this sample setting.

Friday the 13th: The Game‘s single player challenges will be available to everyone with the base game at no extra cost. While the launch date or window for these modifications have yet to be detailed, everyone can grab the base game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out the gameplay footage under:

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