Star Citizen Gets New Video on Planetary Colonization; Passes 168 Million Dollars in Funding

Today Star Citizen programmer Cloud Imperium Games published a new video about the upcoming shuttle.

The movie starts with a look at the upcoming Consolidated Outland Pioneer colony boat, which is essentially a spacefaring mill that can enable players create outposts on surfaces.

Then we know about the UEE Land Claim Licenses, that will allow players grab land on moons and planets in two sizes, 4 x 4 km for a “Bulk 8 and Parcel ” x 8 km for the “Estate Parcel. ” Players who purchase a permit will receive a Claim Beacon which will capture the position of their stake, which could then be enrolled at the local   UEE Planetary Development office.

Land claim licenses don’t give players faith to a plot of land, however they’ll have to explore the universe and find a location that suits their needs, making an exploration and colonization mechanic.

UEE Land Claim Licenses are currently being sold for $50 and $100 respectively, but such as the boats, purchases at this stage in time are entirely optional with the goal of encouraging development. Since the universe opens, everybody will be able to purchase the licenses for in-game credits. Licenses will be purchasable directly in the UEE or from other players.

People who don’t buy a claim license won’t be in a disadvantage, since the game will contain billions of kilometers of available land on planets and moons, therefore there should be plenty of room for everyone. That being said, there could be rare cases where players try to bet the exact same land at exactly the same point, in the event it’ll be a “property race” like the Wild West, together with the very first to file the claim at the neighborhood  UEE Planetary Development office winning the land.

As stated by the programmer, if the current registered users all purchased an Estate-size Claim License, there might be space for them all in half of a world of this game.

In addition to that, players obtained’t need to buy a license should they don’t want to. In that situation, your property won ’ t have the security of their UEE, although you ’ ll be in a position to build a foundation on any property that is unclaimed. Interfering with land is going to be a criminal offense.

In addition you won’t need a Pioneer to maintain land, and they will have the ability to hire different players to build their foundations.

On top of this, we get an upgrade about the Mustang, and it is one of the least expensive ships out there from the game as part of a simple pledge. Yep. Because I damn inexpensive it s my boat.

Star Citizen additionally passed another crowdfunding milestone, having ignored previous 168 million dollars. Its sitting on $168,147,751, together with users.

You  may check out the movie below, along with a few pictures.   If you want to find out more, you also can check out more movies about the Origin 600i and 890 Jump, on the Banu Merchantman and Tumbril Cyclone, about the Aegis Dynamics Hammerhead, 1  on the Aegis Hawk, yet another showing the remarkable procedural cities technology, 1  on the latest updates made to quantum traveling, one   on enhancements which are being made  about the game’s visuals.

For the interest of full disclosure, remember that the author of this article backed the game .

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