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Fortnite v1.9.1 Update Released; Includes New Features, Bug Fixes, and More

Ever since the early access version of Fortnite started a number of months past, developers Epic Games and People Can Fly have constantly   added new content, for example, game’therefore, today amazingly popular, Battle Royale mode, and Fortnitemares Halloween Event. It doesn’t look like that’s changing anytime soon as v1.9.1 of the game has officially been disclosed, and while it’s surely not a significant update, it will make some new content accessible.

First of all, smoke grenades are now making their way to  Fortnite Battle Royale.   They act just as they do in every other game: producing a little plum of smoke to blurry  vision. They can be seen in randomly and also both containers around the world. Leaderboards will eventually, be introduced to the popular survival style.

Besides that, nine brand new weapons will be added to the game. Though it’so unknown what every one of those weapons can perform, you can check out an image of every one one of these weapons.

A number of bugs were also fixed, including animations on more, fall damage problems, and certain weapons.

The early access version of Fortnite premiered on July 25, 2017, and can be found on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check out the Complete list of repairs below:


  • Per Playlist Loot
    • Duo Playlist:  Medium Ammo stack improved from 10 to14.
    • Squad Playlist: Medium Ammo heap climbed from 10 to 18.
    • These modifications currently use to moderate ammo stacks that are found out of crates and ammo cans.
  • The first Rocket Launcher has replaced the Pumpkin Launcher.
  • Because of overwhelming popular demand, we’ve altered the standard Rocket Launcher to support rocket riding.
  • The “Outlive” Daily Challenge will no longer count members of your own team.
  • Players no more take fall damage when leaping onto a Launch Pad from high elevations.
  • Fixed an issue which led to the incorrect animation to perform when bouncing on sequential Launch Pads.
  • Fixed the firing and reloading animations for the brand new Silenced SMG.
  • Fixed a problem    that caused players to take fall damage after getting pumped out of skydive mode (after using a Launch Pad).
  • Fixed a wrong animation that could play when being removed while using a Launch Pad.


  • Players will now get a pop-up verification prior to leaving a match if they accept an invitation from a teammate that left the identical match.
  • Upgraded “Gamepad” into “Wireless Controller” and “Controller” in the menus.
  • Daily challenges no longer automatically collect when accepting an invitation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a couple localization issues in the Season Shop.
  • Wealthy existence is now properly localized in most languages on all platforms.
  • Shifting a product in your locker while hosts are down will no more soft-lock the game client.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented players from navigating the locker tab after they stopped a submenu.


  • Environmental bush locations have been changed across the world.
  • Bushes will no longer be in different locations on various platforms.


  • Reduced siphoned by pre-loading additional assets throughout the loading screen instead of mid-game.


  • The “Invite” button on your “Party Finder” can only be pushed once per two minutes to stop accidental friend invite spam.


  • Removed the black artifacts which appear while sprinting on Xbox One.
  • Fixed an Xbox One only issue which prevented players from logging in when they signed up and quickly signed back into their Xbox One live accounts in-game.

PlayStation 4

  • If a buddy neglects to join the party, they will no more seem to maintain party through the PS4 profile and buddy’s status.
  • For every 500 unspent Halloween tickets you are going to get a Halloween llama, available in the loot tab.
  • Fight with the storm and earn tickets from assignments around ten times every day.
  • New Event Quests specific to Mutant Storms have been added.
  • Vindertech Weapons
    • Pulsar – Accurate burst assault rifle.
    • Burster – Pistol that fires strong 3-shot bursts.
    • Blazer – Rapid-fire machine pistol.
    • Jolter – Energy sniper rifle.
    • Slammer – High-speed rocket hammer.
    • Sever – Light vitality axe with a quick attack rate.
    • Slicer – Medium energy sword.
    • Players may loot those weapons from occasion quests and event llamas.
  • The total quantity of Storm Tickets given out by Mutant Storms will then be consistent across all hexes of the exact same difficulty level.
  • Upgraded the Zapper pistol projectile to no longer inherit the velocity of this character wielding it.
    • This weapon is now more reliable and accurate.

      • Fixed an issue which caused some of green hexes not to award XP.


      • Upgraded Rocket Hammer descriptions to be consistent across all rarities along with tiers.
      • Improved controller navigation from the Options menu.

      Bug Fixes

      • Fixed an issue which caused the Ninja icons to become miniature.
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