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Dear Sega, Please Remaster Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3 for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One

Regrettably, my request went unanswered, and also the first game remains pretty much the sole Valkyria Chronicles name (since Valkyria Revolution is a spin-off) that most western fans of the series have played with, considering that the 2 sequels continue to be confined on a mobile platform that wasn’t so popular from the west, and Valkyria Chronicles 3 was not localized.

Many things have changed since then. Even though PS4 is more popular than ever, PS Vita is pretty much dead from the west and is showing signs of fatigue even in Japan. On the flip side, the Nintendo Switch is currently taking over the mobile market, also Sega appears to be rather keen on encouraging Xbox One. On top of that, much to my joy, the writer just declared Valkyria Chronicles 4.

So hey Sega!

Though the fourth game shifts the attention from Gallia into the Atlantic Federation, bringing on a brand new cast that will allow new players to enjoy the narrative without having played with the earlier chapters, quite a few potential customers are probably going to be intimidated by this “4” in the name. One doesn’t need to be a mind reader to know that many younger gamers are going to think, “I played with Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, and now it’s already at 4? I didn’t perform 2 and 3, so maybe I should jump with this one. ” Of course, I’m not encouraging this line of thought, but it will be naive to think that it won’t become a factor.

In addition to this, whilst Valkyria Chronicles 2 comes with a switch in tone that might be somewhat hard to digest for some of the most hardcore fans (but nevertheless remains a charming game), Valkyria Chronicles 3  readily stands on par with the very first game concerning story, and the shortage of a localization is a great disservice to the series and people who love it.

So it’s time to have that talk. The folks at Sega should really remaster both games and localize the next. This time round, however, it’d probably be a good idea to target exactly the very same platforms and proceed with PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. Obviously, I didn’t forget PC, however, for any reason, Sega appears to have put the choice aside and I can’t state that choice can be readily interpreted by me.

Though nothing in game development comes free of charge, it might be OK to perform this performance. We don’t require a remake that is full: in the simplest, a remaster will be perfectly viable.

Dear Sega, Please Remaster Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3 for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One

The workload required to attain the cheapest possible remaster would include things like adapting the code to get modern consoles, which shouldn’t be much of a weight because of the energy gap, and updating the resolution of these 3D models to standards. This is something which PSP emulators do automatically, therefore it should be virtually effortless.

Replacing the initial textures would also look good, and it shouldn’t be too tough to do because assets are created in high fidelity and then sized down to match the stage’s memory. It’s probable that those resources that are high-resolution continue to be saved someplace at Sega’s development headquarters: the exact same is true for the 2D portions of the user interface and the artwork.

Effects such as filtering would also be a affordable process. Naturally, it could be amazing if the programmers managed to employ the latest iteration of this CANVAS shader employed for Valkyria Chronicles 4.

This type of operation must be relatively affordable and rather quick, and it would have the positive effect of filling the gap between Valkyria Chronicles Remastered and Valkyria Chronicles 4 for newer players. It’s’s improbable that it’d be ready before the fourth game releases in Japan for PS4 because it’s coming to March 21st, 2018, but it may possibly be attained prior to the western launch and the neighborhood one for Switch, which is slated for summer time.

Dear Sega, Please Remaster Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3 for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One

The largest cost would most likely be that the localization of Valkyria Chronicles 3, but let’s be honest: without the voice acting required, and a script that’s definitely not quite as wordy as a Yakuza or Persona game, it wouldn’t come even close to breaking your bank.

On the plus side, Sega will increase visibility and the overall value of the series, eventually correcting its mismanagement during the era of the PS3 and PSP. That includes the launch of 2 games on a platform that has been unpopular in 90% of the Earth, and one of its chapters that are very best has been created almost invisible in the west.

Naturally, the takeaway would be that we’d have to play with the games on platforms and also to experience the third title in English with a formal translation. Considering all of those variables, I would say that it might be a positive for everybody involved, including the series’ lovers and Sega itself.

Should you’re interested in what the cheapest possible remasters would seem like on PS4, Xbox One, or Switch, back when I composed my previously-mentioned article, I attempted to simulate it to the PPSSPPP emulator, which provides tools to enhance the visuals at a similar method to what a simple remaster would do. You can see the consequences for yourself under:

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Valkyria Chronicles 3

The emulator was utilized with the aim of this experiment.

Because you can see above, they look as they’d be quite enjoyable to play, which’s without high heeled flaws and UI elements, or the use of the most recent iteration of their CANVAS shader out of Valkyria Chronicles 4. If I can do so with the first games by simply tweaking the settings of a emulator in five moments, making the game look really a whole lot better would most likely be rather cheap and easy for a appropriate development team which can utilize the initial assets.

This really is the “entry-level” solution. Based on how much Sega will be willing to invest, it’s quite possible to achieve results. The maps should also be partially redesigned to eliminate the different areas needed by the restricted resources of this PSP, which makes them smooth like those from the very first game.

Could the home of Sonic be willing to do this? I don’t understand, but whether it’s the solution that is cheap or the full scale one with all the bells and whistles, gamers of the present generation deserve to be able to experience the series. I’Id be pleased to triple-dip on either solution (since I already bought both games equally in physical form and electronic), and that I’m positive that I wouldn’t be the only one.

Dear Sega is in your court.

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