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In The Shadows Launches for PC September 29th; Console Release Coming Q4 2017

As for the game’so called PS4 and Xbox One variations of this game, they’re still slated for Q4 2017.

In accordance with Colorspace Studio, In The Shadows is a puzzle-platformer about battling your anxieties by using lights to scare away darkness monsters. When you shine light on a monster they’ll become ordinary objects such as ladders, a plank, a key, a door, etc.. From there you will need to figure how to use the objects to continue on your trip, and to discover a variety of levels, secrets.

In The Shadows you perform  as a guy who dives back into the world of the childhood creativity, to “recall his past,” and “to make sense of his lifetime. ”

Right now, it appears it will be accessible digitally.

Below, you can check out a new trailer that followed now’s information. Further, if you would like more information or press to the game, make sure you have a look at its official site.

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