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Fe Interview — Creative Directors Talk Nintendo Switch Release, Art Style, Gameplay and Much More

Yet, we don’t understand about the game.

To be able to find out more, DualShockers sat down with Andreas Beijer along with Creative Directors Klaus Lyngeled, and they had to say.

If you wish to learn more about this amazing indie game, read on.

Giuseppe: The most huge news at Gamescom was that your game is coming to Switch. What made you decide to port your game to Nintendo’s console?  

Andreas Beijer: You pushed really tough for that, isn’Can it be?

AB: We really enjoy the Switch.

KL: I believed that with the software we’re warking together, it was quite simple. I felt, why not? Why shouldn’t we take action? I like the console, and I really like to have a game that you can play on the go. I believe its game to play with headphones. I like to play on my couch. So I presumed we need to take action. ”

I also really like Nintendo’s fans. I feel that they’re quite open to new imaginative games, and now I believe they’re quite positive for that. I believed it’d have been cool to have it on Switch too.

Fe Interview -- Creative Directors Talk Nintendo Switch Release, Art Style, Gameplay and Much More

G: Since you’re one of the only two games EA is publishing on Switch, for now, do you feel any stress knowing that your game’s performance could influence the publisher’s assistance of the console?

KL: I actually hadn’t thought about this. But I guess that’s true! Let’s not get it done! (Laughs) But now I know it’s going to do really well, therefore…

G: I surely hope so (laughs).  

KL: I suppose for me personally, as a programmer, the greatest pressure right now is just finishing the game and ensuring it works very well… Making sure that it’s really great.

I’m sure using EA’s advertising service, gong on point and all that, it’s going to do well.

G: So what will you inform me about working inside the EA Originals app.  

KL: It’s’s like having a really good book editor. It’s our notion, we made it. We came to them. They already knew what they were signing on to. They also understand that we’re indies, so that its super-important to us to keep our ethics, to keep our style, and also we’re super-happy with it. Would be game developers and they’re very much into game style, and some times it appears that they understand the game better than me. They come up with stuff that we didn’t consider since we concentrated within our development, and I think that’s exactly what they should do.


G: Thus EA actually offers development support in addition to financial support?

KL: Yes. That’s a portion of it. Theyre helping out and guiding us.

G: Are they also supporting you on the creative side?

AB: It’s more an issue of offering feedback.

KL: Pretty much enjoy a fantastic book editor does.

G: I imagine they also offer QA service?

KL: They can do that too. It is needed by us.

G: This’s always a significant problem for a little team, after all.

KL: This’s a enormous problem, and it’s also very expensive when you need to employ someone from the outside, particularly with this game, since it’s quite large.

AB: It’s quite open also, and also you can do a lot of different things together.

KL: There are a whole lot of things you can do that people probably didn’t even consider.

Fe Interview -- Creative Directors Talk Nintendo Switch Release, Art Style, Gameplay and Much More

What caused you to consider this type of character in this sort of environment, and also this type of art direction that is very specific and distinctive.  

KL: If you create an indie game, you need to try and do something very different, push the boundaries and attempt something new.

AB: There are so many games on the market, which means you must stand outthere.

KL: I worked in animation for a little while, and you’ll find so many ways you may picture things. In games we harborthat lots of things tried nevertheless. Why did we choose this artwork style? Its…

AB: … Really simple to use. Because we ’ re a group that is small, that ’ s one side of this.

G: How small?

AB: Approximately twelve individuals with this undertaking. We needed. Its a planet, so we had to have the ability to build it quickly enough. That’s just one reason. Another reason is the fact that it looks good. We had something that was distinguishable and stood out.

KL: Our narrative is extremely much about how nature resembles a duality. It may be wonderful but also frightening and quite dark in some place. This art style is fitting for that, because it has these tones that are dark, a lot of contrast which could produce a pleasant feeling some time, but it can start up and be love “wow, so you can see the world. It’s so pretty! ” It has both those sides and it really works itself.

Fe Interview -- Creative Directors Talk Nintendo Switch Release, Art Style, Gameplay and Much More

G: What engine are you using?

G: This’s a extremely popular engine among indies.

KL: It’s an engine. It’s just like that which camera that youre shooting a picture with. Who cares, right?

G: I guess a few times an engine can influence a bit the eyesight of a game, isn’Can it be? Like, games created with Unreal, they often have a kind of ordinary feel.  

KL: I don’t think so. I presume that ’ s individuals who don ’ t and this motor break apart and are only reusing the assets that are currently in there.

G: That’s accurate, I didn’t consider that. That’s Im a journo and I pretend to know about game development, but I don’t understand about that. What sort of message do you need to communicate with Fe?

AB: We desired it to be kind of an open story. It’s inspired by truly being a kid and producing the truth around you with your own imagination. We wanted to provide the exact feel, and conceal a narrative. It’s partially a story about how best to proceed into something new. How you communicate with other individuals.

KL: Going through the forest can also be predicated on our youth. We had been allowed to play in the forest, and we were free to utilize it. That may be frightening, but really beautiful at precisely the exact same time. If you’re there, then you kind of translate the world. You make up your own personal story. This’s something that we feel not a lot of games do right now. They tell you what to do and cause you to stick to the story, giving what they would like you to think and feel. Here we’re really trying to let the player…

AB: … Discover the narrative and be a part of this in a new manner.

KL: And gluing those pieces together in their own, making it a lot more interesting. It becomes your own narrative.

Fe Interview -- Creative Directors Talk Nintendo Switch Release, Art Style, Gameplay and Much More

AB: (Laughs) Dark Bambi… we can use that as a tagline perhaps.

G: Can I get the name in the credits?

G: Switching gears, so what sort of work are you guys looking for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, if any?

KL: We’re still picking all these things. We haven’t figured it out yet. We’ll probably do some thing, but we simply don’t understand.

G: Would you have any notion of how long the game is?

AB: It’s a little complex, because the game isn’t supposed to be played from A to B. We give you the most important narrative, but we sort of let you move freely from that point. It depends on how you play, a great deal. Its a large globe. Its big enough to get lost in, but little enough to get familiar with it. Its tough to say, actually.

KL: I feel that a few times games have too long. For me it’s important that this game feels at that sort of span that makes you mention “wow, this felt good. I prefer to get a game which has you yearning for more. Im not saying that it’s short. I feel that its quite lengthy.

G: Do you have any last message to depart with me?

KL: One thing which’s really vital from the game is that you just understand these languages. You speak with all these creatures and can go out in the woods. Depending on which creature you link to, you can find out new languages, so that way you can kind of unlock your own way across the world. This’s a key element in the game. You have kind of like a musical instrument, using the analog triggers to control it. This way it is possible to harmonize with different creatures. It is possible to get them to help you, to educate you on new languages.

AB: Even the crops. You unlock the planet more and more and can sing to the crops.

G: So I’m imagining you’re looking at ways to use the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers and also the the HD Rumble for this?

KL: We’re definitely considering this. There are things were thinking about and playing around with. It would be great even if we’re not sure of the facts.

If you want to find out what it resembles, you can have a look at the newest trailer.

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