PS4 Exclusive God Of War Gets Epic New Concept Art Showing Midgard

Sony Interactive Entertainment was riddling God of War fans with little translation riddles in Elder Futhark, the ancient Norse runic alphabet widely used in the game.

As you can see below, the paragraph meant “Realm of Many Mysteries. ” By now we now’re quite used to Elder Futhark, as we used a while back to translate the tattoos on Atreus’ arm.

And indeed, the revealed concept artwork showcased the “several faces” of the kingdom of Midgard.

There was a little more to discover. The tweet pointed into an interactive publication to the game’s official site, showcasing four distinct pieces of artwork. The numbering of the documents indicated that there could have been concealed in the website. Transforming the digits indeed shown three more images as well as those shown now, and to the winter-themed images published yesterday.

It is possible to check them all from the gallery under. If you’d like to see more, you can also enjoy the gameplay trailer from E3 2017, along with a heap of amazing 4K screenshots.

God of War will release in early 2018 only for PS4.

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